Invited Lecture on Quantum Computing

Apr 21, 2021

(In April 2021, I was asked to give talk about Quantum Computing for a student-led data structures and algorithms course at Olin. Below are the slides I used as well as links that I shared with the students afterward.)

Slides from the presentation.

A fantastic little text that provides the most accessible introduction to quantum computing and that partly served as the basis of my presentation. Here's a deeper dive from an introductory course on quantum computation from CMU that roughly goes over similar material. And here's an interesting description for what superposition gives you as far as problem solving.

Deutsche's 1985 paper, Quantum theory, the Church-Turing principle and the universal quantum computer.

Shor's 1995 paper on factoring using quantum computation, Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Prime Factorization and Discrete Logarithms on a Quantum Computer. There is a succint but illuminating overview.

The bible of quantum computing, Nielsen and Chuang's textbook Quantum Computation and Quantum Information.

If you're curious how researchers are trying to physically realize qbits, here's an article that describes a hardware architecture to get a 5-qbits quantum computer.

Researchers people have been investigating what it might mean to go beyond circuits for quantum computating, and designing programming languages for quantum computing. Peter Selinger is a good example. His paper Towards a Quantum Programming Language gets deep fast into programming language theory, but is a fantastic read. He also has a language Quipper that looks particularly intriguing.